DVD: Revenge & Once Upon A Time Release Information


Once Upon A Time: The Complete First Season” exciting DVD bonus materials include:

“FAIRY TALES IN THE MODERN WORLD” – this exciting feature allows viewers to explore the genesis story of “Once Upon A Time,” as they learn about the creative approach of adapting a world of fairy tales into the wholly original world of the show.

“BUILDING CHARACTER” – From start-to-finish, following the creation, conceptualization, casting, clothing and filming of the beloved character, Belle, played by Emilie de Ravin, from the ground up.

“WELCOME TO STORYBROOKE” – Ginnifer Goodwin takes audiences on a tour of Storybrooke, Maine, both the town on the show and its real inspiration – a small town outside Vancouver.

“THE STORY I REMEMBER… SNOW WHITE” – The show’s actors share their childhood memories of the beloved fairy tale Snow White, illustrated to original storybook graphics.

THE FAIREST BLOOPERS OF THEM ALL” – often hilarious outtakes fans won’t want to miss.

DELETED SCENES – Nine Deleted Scenes

AUDIO COMMENTARIES – Five insightful episode commentaries including Co-Creator /Executive Producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz; writer Jane Epenson; and cast members including Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Robert Carlyle, Lana Parilla and Jennifer Morrison.

In addition to all DVD bonus features, the Blu-ray release also includes:

“ONCE UPON A TIME: ORIGINS” – Viewers enter into this interactive archive and uncover the rich and diverse historical origins of the world’s favorite fairy tale characters from “Once Upon A Time.” Josh Dallas guides fans to discover how each of these European based tales has evolved over centuries of retellings into the stories known and loved today.

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i miss lost: Once Upon a Time Has Cast Sarah Bolger as Sleeping Beauty


Irish beauty Sarah Bolger shall also be a Sleeping Beauty, on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. TVLine has learned exclusively that Bolger’s recurring character, Princess Aurora, will be introduced during the sophomore run of Once, which was last season’s highest-rated freshman drama. The fantastical…

New Recurring Characters in Season 2?


Episode 2.01 will see the introduction of 2 recurring characters. Anastasia and Magnolia.

Anastasia is a princess.

Magnolia is a fierce Asian warrior who feels a connection to the earth and its creatures.

Both of their stories involve love

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