Regina is protecting Mary Margaret’s unborn child and if you don’t think she has the most remarkable character development you are wrong.



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ok so OUAT prediction


if this episode was all about someone finding their courage

what do we want to bet that the next episodes will be about someone finding their brains? and someone finding their heart (regina perhaps? hm? hm??)? and then maybe even finding their way back home? just a thought.


Exclusive Once Upon a Time Bombshell: A [Spoiler] Is Coming — Ready, Set, Speculate!

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I am your mother, and mother knows best.


Regina asking permission to see her own son.

You make change sound so easy.

i'll never stop fighting for him: So far this season on Once Upon a Time...




Regina has

  1. Had a wraith sent to kill her
  2. Been prank invited for a lunch date by her son
  3. Had to kill her resurrected lover
  4. Absorbed all the magic from a well and then not been invited to dinner afterwards
  5. Been invited for dinner where…