Season Three Full Set of Promotional Photos


See below the cut (adding two ‘read more’s’ just in case people are reading this in mobile) ! I believe these are the unedited versions of the previous ones from this year.

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Once Upon a Time - Season Three *New* Promotional Photos



Exclusive Once Upon a Time Bombshell: A [Spoiler] Is Coming — Ready, Set, Speculate!

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ouat meme:
day five: five quotes + henry confides in archie

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"Emma just so you know, you can change your mind."
"No, I can’t be a mother."

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Can we just talk about this scene for a moment?

The look on Charming’s face when Emma tells him that she doesn’t want Henry to grow up alone like she did.

That man is about to cave.

The look on his daughter’s face, her words, they have done him in.

Charming is a second away from grabbing Emma, his little girl, wrapping her in a big bear hug and saying “Fuck this plan! I’m getting my daughter and my grandson out of here!”

The Feels.



Mr Gold is out of storybooke!!!…but how ?


Maybe they’re shooting in New York for some reason or have an interview?