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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Season Three Full Set of Promotional Photos


See below the cut (adding two ‘read more’s’ just in case people are reading this in mobile) ! I believe these are the unedited versions of the previous ones from this year.

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Once Upon a Time - Season Three *New* Promotional Photos

i'll never stop fighting for him: So far this season on Once Upon a Time...




Regina has

  1. Had a wraith sent to kill her
  2. Been prank invited for a lunch date by her son
  3. Had to kill her resurrected lover
  4. Absorbed all the magic from a well and then not been invited to dinner afterwards
  5. Been invited for dinner where…


Does anyone ever hear this on the show and get crazy orgasmic chills because you KNOW some shit is about to go down?

Also, I no longer consider this “The Evil Queen Theme” or whatever its officially called, but the “Lana-is-about-to-fuck-some-shit-onscreen-up March” 


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promo shoot